Ranked Simple Voting Is The Answer

I have spent 16 years (since 2004) trying to figure out how deal with the spoiler effect — or put much more relevantly, ‘elite fronted party lock-in’. Understand that you may have a government comprised of 100 parties, but there will nonetheless be no democracy at all if they are all ‘elite fronted’ and ultimately controlled, no matter what policies they superficially promote. This is the nature of the lock-in effect.

Right now, thousands of intellectually sophisticated fools are trying to promote totally lock-in prone election systems such as ranked choice voting (RCV/IRV). These system will leave the voters just as party locked-in as they are with the choose-one system they have now. This is largely due to their requirement for extreme tabulationary opacity, and also extremely high information traffic.

Presently, the best cure for this is ‘simple positional voting’, which I promote as ‘ranked simple voting’ (which sophisticated fools often confuse with the quite similar, yet far more unobviously complicated ‘Borda method’). It uses precisely the same ballot design as RCV, so voters can simply check-off a box to indicate by which method they prefer their ballot to be tabulated.

The ranked ballots reflect the pattern: =/ 10 > 9 > 8 > … 1 > 0 /=. There are ten ranked ‘places’, and voters can assign one candidate to each place, and each candidate assigned to a ‘place’ will be granted a corresponding number of ‘points’ (and they can also leave places blank if they prefer). Putting it very simplistically, the candidate with the largest total of points wins. And it turns out that it is quite easy to fairly combine the results of this ranked simple voting (RSV) with those of ranked choice voting. Eventually all the voters will abandon RCV and all its unobvious complexity.

This is what people need to support!

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