Russia Is A Progressive Democracy, America Is A Fascist Plutocracy

Too bad I have to live in this hell with all the money going for defective military junk, Billionaires running for Dictator, poop and needles are all over the sidewalks, empty store shelves are coming due to covid-19 in the country that makes all our necessities, etc, and so on.

Trump is actually a liberal, well, very conservative also. Loves all the police, even the crooked ones, and other billionaires. Why do people hate Trump (and it’s real true hate)? Don’t people remember that George W. Bush deliberately killed 3,000 Americans by blowing up the World Trade Center (but he couldn’t have done it if Bill Clinton hadn’t set it up). (Or do you believe that it was done by 19 drunken hairy guys with box cutters?) Then he went on to use that psy-op to murder millions more innocent people in the Middle East. Trump has never done anything quite so awful.

Things for Russians are getting better every day. Even gay people are not persecuted (they just are prohibited to counsel gaydom to small kids). Meanwhile America is being taken down by falsely elected ‘officials’ who are putting spy cameras everywhere, and enabling the police to stop people on the highways and take all the money out of their wallets.

We need ranked sum voting (RSV) — NOT fraudulent ranked choice voting (‘RCV’) whereby corrupt election managers can ‘edit’ every individual ballot in (for all practical purposes) secret. Putin is giving Russia a real future. Unlimited spy cameras everywhere and police who perpetrate highway robbery and now ranked choice voting (RCV) will bring America to a hellish future.

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